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On-demand user video is now a permanent and fast-growing part of the web-surfing experience; especially for broadband users.
Those surfers who are still on low-RAM machines using dialup connections can be very frustrated when their friends who have created and uploaded video to such places as MySpace, YouTube or Google start talking about the newest vids they have produced
which the slow connection will simply choke on.

Some user-created video communities' administrators have not figured in enough bandwidth for their hosting,
in addition; or perhaps they simply forgot to de-throttle the bandwidth. I will not name sites or go into the vagaries of such at this time.

I have decided that if I am to experiment with both programming and multimedia on this site, I will make
the learning experience enjoyable for both myself and my visitors. After all, if you don't enjoy yourself,
you won't return; and neither of us will be happy...

With this in mind, I've decided to break in the video portion of this portal gradually; beginning with the means to subscribe to a syndicated version of my YouTube channel without having to actually subscribe via the YouTube site.

To subscribe, and download the Democracy Video Player, click the button below the site's Official Hypno-Cube.

The feed linked below is...

[Valid RSS]

One-click download and subscription to the syndicated Dreamsender YouTube Channel
(If you already have Democracy installed, you need only download the subscribe file, which is quite small;
Democracy will add it automaticlly if running.)

Democracy: Internet TV

New! Streaming Broadcast Channel

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